I got call back!!!

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That teacher is lucky I have music...

                Man, that teacher is a bitch!!  My friends and I were just hanging out outside in the hall in the morning before school like we normally do.  And Chipmunk ran into the wall as a joke and she comes busting out of her class telling us to get out of the hall because she can't study with all of our noise and to not come back until Ms. Haugen arrives.  And not to come back tomorrow.  Man, my boyfriend was hella mad but didn't say anything.  I was alittle mad simply because if she wanted to study she should have done that at home.  Plus it's a public school that belongs more to the students than the teachers so in a way we had a right to be there in that hallway.  But I soooo wanted to say something to her becuase I have heard so many things about her and now I know they are all true.
                My friends and I have agreed we will not come back tomorrow as asked but we will be back the next day because she said nothing about that day.  ANd I swear the next time she says something to us, I will say something.  I know I promised my mom that I will behave this year, but she is really a bitch and I don't like people getting at me twisted.
                And the only thing that saved her today, this morning, was that I was up for about five hours trying to fix my mp3 player so I can put songs onto it.  At 11 at night I was finally able to do it.  And I spend this morning trying to download some songs that I had wanted for so long.  If I didn't have that, Lord knows I would have gone off on her ass.
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I'm hella happy!!!

  Ohh my god!! I just found my frined from the nineth grade.  We haven't spoken in two years because we went to different schools and our lives just kinda got complicated.  But I found her here on livejournal and I was reading her journal and I saw that she quoted me from way back when.  I was hella happy because I usually think that people are not listening  to me and here she goes and quotes me!!!!  I amy be having a bad mornign but that just made me happy and saved my boyfriend's life.
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School is never boring...

           We have the standard testing today.  But it was hella funny!!!!  There was a protest today for the rights of illegal immigrants here in the U.S.  Lots of Latino students walked out of school.  I would have gone too but my mom would have killed me  for missing school.  She's big on an education.  But that is not what was so funny.  Ok, it was about 10: 46 am and we had to go back to our classes to do part two of our testing.  I was on the otherside of the school from where my class was visiting my boyfriend and was taking my time to go back to class because, come one now, who really wants to do test for four hours for the state???  Anyways, as I entered the school building, there is a commotion around the stairs that lead to the second floor and the door that leads to the street.  There are screams and yells, some in spanish and some in english.  But they were all jumbled up so you couldn't understand what they were saying.  And as I'm turning the corner to continue to class, suddenly there is this rampage of mainly latinos running through the door from the street side and into the school.  I recognized a few of them as people I knew from classes I have with them and people I speak spanish to from time to time.  They ran up the stairs to the second floor and through the school until they got to the otherside of the school and went back out onto the streets.  It was funny because the principle was right behind them yelling, "You need to go the class!"  Everyone started to join in until then.  
         After the protesters left the school, they came to the front of the school where the main doors are and where my class is and started marching back and forth yelling and, well, protesting.  About two to three police cars came to assist the other police car that was already here because, well, this is Tech!! We always have at least one police car at our school all day every day.  But after about five minutes of protesting, they started down the street to catch the bart to San Fransico to protest there.  How do I know this??  Because my Spanish 3 teacher is chicna from Mexico and she said that she would join the protest but as a teacher she is unable to because of her status of a teacher (*says in a mocking voice* it is important to eduacte our children) and as an American (so what?!  As an American you have the right to protest!!! Ain't that some bull?!)
         But I'm not surprised.  Like I said, something is always happening at this high school.  It's just a matter of where you are when it happens.
        *smiles evil grin to self*  We have testing for the rest of this week; I hope something else happens to help the time go by in a less agonizing way like today... 

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¡¡¡Yo Tengo una amiga en Espana!!!!

   Yo conocí una mejor en Mardid que quiere a ser mi amiga.  Ella no tiene una problema a chalar conmigo en espanol y eso es muy bien.  Siento como nuestros amigas buenas.  wow.  Ojala que yo pueda a quedar amigas y no vaya a tomar mala conmigo y mi espanol.

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Man I really cannot stand dudes sometimes...

Ok, i just got done instant messaging my friend dmj and we were discussing if women were natuarally smaller than men and i said no there are those occasions where women are bigger and taller than men.  and he started saying how scientists have proven it  and i was like thats fine but that doesnt make it completely true cause they only teested a few selected families so it was very controlled which makes it very unfair.  and as i was defending my side that it was not true, he was getting all upset and saying that i wasnt listening to him and there was not point in talking to me about it.  what the heck!!!  I have my own opinion about the topic!!! I as a human being have a right to disgree with anyone i want and defend my reason of thinking.  just because i dont agree with you and am not willing to change my mind doesnt mean im not listening, it just means i believe in my opinion like you believe in yours...  its like saying men are naturally stronger than women and that is not true because i am living proof!!!!  i have been beating up boys (who have fought back) since i was little WAY BEFORE i started working out at a gym which i started only two years ago.  I just hate it when guys make up some bull shit like that just becuase a girl will firmly stand her ground.
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