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wandering thoughts and incomplete daydreams

a place for thoughts and memories to meet

20 January 1990
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About me...ummm... I'm African American, 5'7'' and athletic. I like just about all sports, as long as I'm being active (except baseball/softball; the only sport i suck at so far...) I'm bisexual and lovin every minute of it!!
I'm very random with my sayings because I zone out alot so i hear people say things they dont really say so i look stupid... but i'm very random and love sending people little notes in class just to say hi
pillow fights are the best remedy for everything!! especially when they include running around screaming and laughing until you collaspe from exhastion and pain from laughing so much
shiny things are kool!! i get distracted by them sometimes, but not nearly as much as regular things that i mistake for something completely out of this world
I'm a water baby; I love being in the water. (deep end rocks, shallow end is for wimps...) Butterfly is my favorite event, but its hella tiring. but free-style is also my fav.
I am very, very shy, and quiet. but when I'm with my friends, I can be loud, crazy, ...and... yeah... I just like having fun.
I have a schedule for what I am becuase my friends dont know what I am:
Mondays, Wednesdays, Frindays and some Saturdays I'm black, all other days I'm white and every once in a while im mixed with mexican or so everyone says just cause i can speak spanish and have a convincing accent... or so im told alot...
I love speaking spanish!!!! though i dont know alot... its still a beautiful language.
Dory is my best friend and my memory is alot like hers (im so serious)
I love meeting new people, hell, i love meeting people in general. but i really dont like people who judge me before they know me (mainly cause im black they think im ghetto, but im really not, thats why my friends dont think im black, which i think is funny, but whatever makes them happy...)
I'm really nice (for the most part ;-)) unless i've had a rough or bad day. I've always wanted to write a fanfiction...